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All meetings will start at 7pm with a login time from 6.30pm. The meetings will last one hour including questions, approximately 45 minutes of talk and 15 minutes of questions.

Comprehensive instructions for using Zoom to join an event are given in the June 2020 newsletter.

If you have any questions, please contact Jane Michael and she will do her best to assist you.

DateWednesday 24 June 2020
LectureFrom Siderite to Medieval Iron Making
SpeakerPeter del Strother

DateWednesday 29 July 2020
LectureA volcanological tour of Mt. Etna
SpeakerDr Margaret Hartley

DateWednesday 26 August 2020
Field Trip
Crummack Dale
LeaderPeter del Strother

DateWednesday 23 September 2020
field trip
A virtual field trip in the time of Coronavirus - the late Ordovician and earliest Silurian of coastal West Wales
LeaderKeith Nicholls

DateWednesday 14 October 2020
LectureThe John Price Memorial Lecture: Archaeopteryx and the dinosaur-bird transition
SpeakerDr John Nudds, University of Manchester

DateWednesday 11 November 2020
LectureThe Broadhurst Lectures: Lecture 1 - South Italian Volcanics
SpeakerProfessor Mike Burton, University of Manchester

DateWednesday 2 December 2020
LectureThe Broadhurst Lectures: Lecture 2 - East African Rift Volcanism
SpeakerDr Céline Vidal, University of Cambridge

DateWednesday 13 January 2021
LecturePlate tectonics explained
SpeakerProfessor Peter Burgess, University of Liverpool

DateWednesday 10 February 2021
AGMPresident's Address
SpeakerNiall Clarke, MGA President

DateMarch 2021 (date to be decided)
LectureJoint meeting with Manchester Geographical Association

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