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Outdoor Events in 2017

Provisional details of the 2017 outdoor events are given below.

DateSaturday 1 April
LocationHealey Dell, Rochdale
LeaderRon Powell
NotesRon Powell (a member of MGA and GMRIGS) will take us around the Healey Dell Nature Reserve, which is in Rochdale, to point out the many geological features to be found there and explain how these will help us to evaluate the site's potential as a RIGS.
ContactChris Arkwright, telephone 01772 335316

DateSunday 9 April
LocationCongleton Edge and Mow Cop
LeaderEileen Fraser
ContactField Excursions Secretary

DateThursday 1 June
LocationTebay-Shap area
LeaderPeter del Strother and Jennifer Rhodes
NotesThis is a full day excursion; we will investigate several sites in the Tebay/Shap area including Silurian turbidites, Shap granite, Carboniferous limestone and striking geomorphological features plus a stone circle made from Shap granite erratics. Part of the excursion will include visits to both the pink and blue Shap quarries, which are working sites. Hard hats, boots, hi-viz waistcoats and safety glasses are required and must be brought by participants. Numbers will be limited to 12 participants. The itinerary will be arranged to fit in with the working quarrys' operations. We shall be walking about 2km in total on tracks, but there are grassy slopes at several locations. There may be an opportunity to buy refreshments at Shap Wells Hotel.
ContactField Excursions Secretary

DateSunday 16 July
LocationGreat Orme
LeadersCathy Hollis
NotesThis one day fieldtrip will examine the spectacular outcrops of Lower Carboniferous limestone that are exposed on the Great Orme, Llandudno. The sediments were deposited on a shallow water carbonate platform that extended from the Llandudno area, southwards to a palaeo-landmass (St George's Land). The sediments show a well developed cyclicity, forming packages that are tens of metres thick and capped by palaeo-soil horizons, providing evidence that the platform periodically became emergent. The field trip will examine these cycles and also spend time (tide-permitting) discussing the importance of faults to dolomitisation and mineralisation of the succession. Walking will mostly be on well-made paths.
ContactField Excursions Secretary

DateSaturday 5 August
LocationLud's Church and the Roaches - Joint trip with OUGS
LeaderJane Michael
NotesFor this year's trip, which is a joint event with the OUGS North West, I am proposing to do a version of Walk 8 from Rocky Rambles: The Roaches and Lud's Church. During the trip, the itinerary of which has not yet been finalised, we will visit the mysterious cleft that is known as Lud's Church with its atmospheric woodland surround and wonderful green, damp interior and also see some spectacular cross-bedding and views of the Goyt Syncline.

The walk will be between 5 and 6 miles with, probably, an occasional steep ascent (I will try to keep this to a minimum), but it will be worth the effort. Not only is the geology excellent, but the history (and natural history) is fascinating. We're going in August so the weather will be glorious (no promises but it should be warm!). And at the end (possibly lunchtime too) there may be icecream!! What more can you possibly want!! Places are limited to 20 and some have already gone, so book early for what I am sure will be a popular trip.
ContactJane Michael

DateSunday 3 September
LocationCastleton area
LeaderLucy Manifold
NotesThis excursion will examine the sedimentology of the northern margin of the Derbyshire Platform, focusing on the Castleton area. In the Lower Carboniferous this region was located on the margin of a steeply dipping carbonate platform. Present day exposure within disused quarries and along public footpaths allows a cross section of facies from the platform top, across the platform margin and into the basin, to be examined. The trip will involve walking on rough, but well-marked, paths between Castleton, Cave Dale and Pin Dale.
ContactField Excursions Secretary

DateAutumn (date tba)
LocationRostherne kettle hole and building stones in Rostherne Church
LeaderRupert Randall (Warden of the National Nature Reserve at Rostherne Mere) and Fred Owen
ContactField Excursions Secretary


Each person attending a field meeting does so on the understanding that he/she attends at his/her own risk. The MGA has Public Liability Insurance cover (including member-to-member cover) for field and indoor meetings and an element of Personal Accident cover. However, members should always ensure that they have Personal Liability cover (normally part of the standard householder's insurance policy - please check your policy) and comprehensive Personal Accident cover. These elements of insurance cover are your responsibility.

Members are reminded that, when in the field, they should wear suitable clothing, take reasonable precautions for their own and others' safety, and follow the leader's instructions. Hard hats should always be taken. When walking through areas such as long grass or bracken, or areas where sheep or deer graze, skin should be covered and tick repellent used - see the Tick Awareness website

If you intend to come along to an event, or for more information about the event or the Risk Assessment for that event, please get in touch with the named contact for that event.

Visitors are always welcome